Software Strategies analysts cover and research the principal vendors of e-infrastructure technologies, products and services, as detailed in other pages, including:

We also work in close partnership with most of the principal e-infrastructure vendors, to bring our enterprise user members our popular Events Programs, Newsletter, Research publications etc. with the best information possible, by fully leveraging vendor partner expertise and knowledge, and encouraging their active participation.

Vendor Partners - Industry Leaders

BMC Software
Leading independent, global enterprise systems management software vendor. (ISV)

Compaq Computer
World's second largest enterprise computer systems vendor, leading Intel server provider, PC maker and enterprise services vendor. (ESV)

Computer Associates
World's largest independent w-Infrastructure systems software vendor, and leader in enterprise systems management, security etc. (ISV)

Leader in enterprise application server software technology and pioneer of thin client computing.(ISV)

Cisco Systems
Global leader in IP networking technology, the backbone of the Internet and today's enterprise networks, and also a very large-scale user of e-business itself. (ENV)

World's largest independent enterprise IT services, systems integration and outsourcing services provider, and strategic Microsoft partner. (SI/ESeP)

EMC Corporation
Pre-eminent enterprise storage systems provider, a core foundation of customer e-Infrastructures. (EStP)

Leading global systems vendor, with RISC Unix strength, also Intel servers, leading PC maker, top printer maker, and increasing enterprise services.

World's largest IT supplier, and enterprise partner. Provides all levels of hardware, operating systems, an extensive stack of enterprise middle-ware software, and the largest professional services organisation in the industry, IBM Global Services. Pioneer in e-Business.

ICL (Fujitsu)
Now a leading UK IT services and solutions provider, with focus on retail, financial services, government and education, a strong Microsoft partner, and member of the global Fujitsu IT group, with extensive heritage as the UK national systems vendor. (ESeP, ESV)

Intel Corporation
Dominant chip provider for 32-bit servers today, with new Itanium Architecture, 64-bit Itanium systems now available. Intel is also the dominant provider of processors for PCs, Intel is also one of the world's largest e-business users. (SCM)

Microsoft Corporation
Central provider of the operating systems software (Windows 2000 and Datacenter Server) and middle-ware (.NET Enterprise Servers) for the New Era e-Infrastructure. (ISV)

Mission Critical Software
Successful specialist Windows NT/2000 systems software vendor, now merged with NetIQ under that name. (ISV)

NCR Corporation
Leading data warehouse database, systems and solutions provider, and specialised devices (ATMs, Kiosks, etc.) vendor. (ESV)

Leading network operating systems and directory software provider.

Successful specialist Windows NT/2000 systems management and systems software vendor. (ISV)

Positiv Ltd.

Positiv Ltd.
Specialist enterprise storage consulting and solution provider firm and EMC partner. (EStSP)

Red Hat
Leading Linux software distributor. (ISV)

Stratus Computer
Leading maker of near-continuous availability server systems, including Intel/Windows 2000-based fTServer series.

Storage Technology
Leading enterprise storage device, networks, ATL vendor. (EStV)

Sun Microsystems
Leading RISC Unix systems vendor, middle-ware and JAVA software pioneer and provider. (ESV)

Leading Linux software distributor. (ISV)

Specialist systems performance management software vendor. (ISV)

Tivoli Systems (IBM)
Leading enterprise systems management framework software vendor. IBM subsidiary. (ISV)

Experienced enterprise vendor, and now leader in new era enterprise servers (CMP-ES7000), backed by extensive enterprise service and vertical solutions skills. (ESV,ESeP)

Veritas Software Corporation
Leading storage management and backup software vendor. (ISV)

Vendor Partner Roles in our Service

Vendor Partners play an extremely important and central role in enabling Software Strategies services to be provided to our thousands of enterprise IT user members, in the following areas:

  • Supporting our vendor analyst coverage & research, with access to their news, expertise, executives, customers, announcements etc.
  • Sponsoring/hosting/participating in the Software Strategies Events Programme
  • Providing expertise and information for Software Strategies research, publications and studies.
  • Sponsoring Software Strategies reports, White Papers, Case Studies, Executive Interviews and other deliverables for their/our users.
  • Sponsoring, and providing news/inputs for, Software Strategies Newsletter, Web Site and Research Programme.

This elite list of major e-Infrastructure vendor partners represents the cream and heart of the e-Infrastructure market. Our services to enterprise IT users, most of which are free of charge to our user members, are only made possible through the sponsorship and support of our vendor partners, who provide their support to reach and influence our influential membership. We limit the number of our vendor partners, in order to be able to give these leaders good opportunities to join our effective Focus events, and to enable us to carry out good analyst coverage of their principal offerings. All our vendor partners participate in our services on the basis that they are intended to raise market skill, knowledge and understanding of key strategic technologies, and that this can best be achieved by "no marketing hype" sharing of knowledge, expertise and practical experience through an independent analyst firm.