Software Strategies Vendor Services

Enterprise IT User Services
Software Strategies offers registered enterprise IT user manager subscribers a comprehensive e-Infrastructure research and analysis, event and news service, including:

  • Free access to our User Web Site Research Database.
  • Free Software Strategies "E-Business Infrastructure News" Newsletter.
  • Free, priority seats at our prestigious Focus Events.
  • Access to purchase our Research Reports, Event Proceedings etc., on a per-item basis via our e-Store.
  • Chargeable on-site Topic Briefing Workshops for your enterprise IT teams on selected key topics.
  • Chargeable strategic consulting and advice on enterprise user-specific technology strategy issues.

For registered enterprise IT user managers, Software Strategies service benefits include:

  • Highly knowledgeable analysis and assessment of the enterprise e-Infrastructure domain.
  • Basic information service, Web site, newsletters and Focus events programme all free of charge to qualified users.
  • High quality major research briefs reports and studies available for purchase item-by-item through our e-commerce Store (Under construction).
  • Access to your peers at other enterprise firms in our thousands strong, qualified Software Strategies enterprise IT User Base.
  • High value and top quality service at modest costs.

Enterprise Vendor Services
Software Strategies also offers a range of high-quality e-Infrastructure vendor analyst, research and marketing services for enterprise e-Infrastructure vendors including:

  • Participation in our multi-vendor, in-depth Focus Events Programme.
  • Vendor Solution Reviews & Product Assessments.
  • Software Strategies article and research publication reprints and electronic licenses, for vendor collateral use.
  • Custom commissioned vendor White Papers, Reports, studies, etc.
  • Access to our research materials and publications database via our Web Site.
  • Knowledgeable analyst speakers for vendor seminars, conferences, user meetings, staff training events etc.
  • Creation of custom presentation-ware based on our research.
  • Conducting senior vendor executive interviews for publication.
  • Interviewing for, and preparing, Customer Case Studies for publication.
  • Creating and leading vendor Webcast, video or TV recorded presentations.
  • Participating in vendor press/analyst events, briefings etc.
  • Delivering, on-site Topic Briefing Workshops for vendor staff groups.
  • Strategic consulting, and feedback advice on vendor specific marketing issues.

See Vendor Service Engagements for profiles of selected actual Software Strategies vendor service projects.

For further details of these vendor services, see Vendor Services Detail.

For enterprise vendors, Software Strategies service benefits include the following:

  • Highly knowledgeable analysis and feedback on vendor e-Infrastructure solutions.
  • Access to the thousands strong, qualified Software Strategies enterprise IT user base.
  • Opportunities to reach large audiences at our top-class Focus seminar events, at far lower cost than own events.
  • Trusted and expert source for commissioned independent White Papers, Reports and Marketing materials.
  • Powerful speakers, and an extensive presentation materials library, to provide the independent voice at vendor events.
  • High value, fast service and top quality at prices well below those of "big-overhead" analyst firms.
Press and Media Services
Software Strategies analysts are frequently in the news, because we are often asked to comment, interpret and explain news and developments by technology and business media journalists writing in our domain of expertise.

We support business and technology media organisations. Their journalists registered with us gain access to a range of services including:

  • Rapid analyst comment and interpretation of news and events to journalists.
  • Invited attendance at our Focus events.
  • Access to our research database and publications.
  • Licensing Software Strategies proprietary research and materials for publication.

Co-sponsoring Software Strategies events See Software Strategies In The News for recent examples quoting Software Strategies in major European media.

For press and media organisations, and their journalists, Software Strategies service benefits include:

  • Rapid and authoritative comment and quotes for journalists.
  • Valuable attendance opportunities at our prestigious events, giving the chance to meet numerous enterprise It user and vendor senior executives.