NewsByte 11 September 2001

Unisys ES7000 Slashes High-Performance Computing Costs to New Low, According to TPC-C Benchmark

Achieves 200% of the performance of any other Windows-based single server, becoming the only non-UNIX/RISC server in single-system TPC-C top ten

The cost of handling the hundreds of thousands of transactions typical of the busiest online enterprise operations has been slashed to unprecedented levels, according to the TPC-C benchmark, the industry's standard measure of computer power.

The benchmark proves that that the Unisys e-@ction Enterprise Server ES7000, merging mainframe-class computing characteristics with the cost advantages of industry-standard technologies, delivers a level of performance until now available only on costlier UNIX/RISC-based systems or mainframes. For enterprises, it means the removal of a key economic barrier to entering markets in which enabling many thousands of users to concurrently access and update very large databases is a baseline requirement.

Setting a new world record for a single server based on Microsoft and Intel technology, the Unisys ES7000 achieved 141,138.44 transactions per minute (tpmC) at a cost per transaction of $23.84. The test was conducted using the Transaction Processing Council's "C" methodology for measuring online transaction processing (OLTP) performance. The complete configuration will be available March 10, 2002; the ES7000 is available today.