NewsByte 10 September 2001

SGI Announces Clustered Filesystem With Support for Solaris

SGI CXFS 2.0 - the Most Scalable Journaled and Clustered Filesystem For Multi-OS Computing Environment

SGI, a world leader in high-performance computing, complex data management and visualization products, solutions and services today announced SGITM CXFSTM Version 2.0 -- the world's most scalable, journaled clustered filesystem -- with extended capabilities to support the SolarisTM operating system. SGI CXFS is a clustered solution that provides a single filesystem accessible on a heterogeneous storage area network (SAN) from multiple hosts, including IRIX®, Linux®, Windows NT®, Windows® 2000 and now Solaris. With this new capability, SGI IRIX OS-based customers can seamlessly share data with Solaris OS-based systems in real time, thereby increasing productivity and reducing costs. Built on the high-performance SGITM XFSTM filesystem and the next-generation SGITM XVM volume manager, CXFS enables multiple computers direct access to a shared filesystem, which means all systems in a CXFS environment have access to the same file at the same time at local or near-local speeds.