NewsByte 6 August 2001

Sun Brings New Scalability and Web Acceleration Features To The Solaris™ 8 Operating Environment

Enhancements Enable Support for Hundreds of Thousands of Enterprise Users and Dramatically Increase Web Performance

Sun Microsystems today announced a new set of upgrades and enhancements to the Solaris[tm] 8 Operating Environment (OE). The update introduces features that enhance the ability to install images of the Solaris OE and manage changes to the system software as well as performance improvements that enable five times greater web server performance. Solaris is part of the Sun ONE offering for smart web services - an open, integratable product stack designed to enable the infrastructure required for robust web services.

These enhancements address a user's need to continually improve resource utilisation while increasing system capabilities. Solaris 8 OE update 07/01 makes it simpler for network administrators to improve performance on a variety of web servers and seamlessly take advantage of performance gains with minimal interruption in productivity. The new update also makes it much easier to manage hundreds of thousands of host addresses. In addition, Sun's introduction of Live Upgrade 2.0, now integrated with Web Start Flash, enables faster and more seamless operating environment upgrades, as well as the rapid deployment of a complete software environment.