NewsByte 6 August 2001

Demand for Stratus' Windows 2000-Based ftServer Platform Soars in Public Safety Market

Low Price and Operational Simplicity Bring Availability to E-911 Operations Large and Small

At the Association of Public Communications Officials (APCO) annual conference today, Stratus Technologies announced that public safety market demand is strong for its new family of low-cost fault-tolerant servers for Windows® 2000 computing. Just six weeks since its first shipment of the Stratus® ftServer™ 5200 model, Stratus has installed over a dozen systems in local and municipal police, fire, sheriff's departments, state police, and emergency response organisations. This strong customer demand is expected to further broaden Stratus' stronghold in this premier mission-critical market. For decades, more than 100 public safety organisations and 50 million people world-wide have trusted the solutions that Stratus and its partners have provided to meet their reliability, availability, and serviceability needs. The City of San Francisco, New York City Transit Authority, City of Baltimore, Milwaukee Fire Department, and police departments in three out of the five metro Atlanta counties in Georgia, are just a few of the public safety organisations that have relied on Stratus servers to ensure their computer-aided dispatch services and life-line communications are up and running 24 hours a day, every day. To date, Sussex County Emergency Operations, Delaware; North County Fire JPA, California; San Diego Fire and Life Safety Services; Nashua, New Hampshire Police Department; Washington State Patrol and California Highway Patrol have placed orders for the new ftServer system.