NewsByte 23 August 2001

German Insurance Giant Achieves Premium Results With Computer Associates Unicenter

Vereinigte Haftpflicht Versicherung Dramatically Improves Performance of Business-Critical IT Systems

Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA) today announced that one of Germany's largest insurance companies, Vereinigte Haftpflicht Versicherung (VHV) has successfully deployed CA's Unicenter to boost the operational efficiency and performance of its IT environment. VHV achieved these benefits by centrally monitoring its constantly expanding IT infrastructure and automating a wide range of administrative tasks. VHV manages 4.4 million policies, taking in nearly DM 2 billion (US$933 million) in premiums in 2000. With agents using some 2,500 terminal devices in offices scattered throughout Germany, VHV was expending significant resources to manage an increasingly large and heterogeneous IT infrastructure. After a careful evaluation, VHV selected Unicenter to monitor its entire IT environment from a centralised console - enabling a relatively small team of IT administrators to effectively monitor the health of that environment and quickly address any emerging performance issues before they affect the business. By taking advantage of Unicenter's extensive automation capabilities, VHV has also freed system administrators from many manual tasks - empowering them to address more strategic IT objectives.