NewsByte 22 August 2001

IBM Announces B2B Security Initiatives

New Testing Lab, Products And Global Services Teams In Place To Support Identrus Global Trust System

IBM today announced a set of business-to-business initiatives that will make it easier for companies world-wide to conduct business and to move money across the Internet by reducing the risk of fraud. IBM is bolstering B2B Internet security by helping financial institutions and their corporate customers speed the deployment of user authentication and digital signature technology. These technologies help reduce operational risks created by conducting business over the Internet, such as working with anonymous buyers or sellers. The IBM initiatives focus on Identrus, the global standard for B2B e-commerce trust and user authentication. IBM is opening the world's first "Identrus Ready" applications testing laboratory, is making available a series of "Identrus Compliant" IBM products, and is deploying a global team of integration services experts to implement and support the Identrus global trust system. The Identrus global trust system, which counts 50 of the world's top financial institutions among its participants, uses smart card technology, public key infrastructure (PKI), digital signatures, and other encryption technology to increase security around business-to-business Internet transactions. The system forms a global technology standard that builds upon the trust existing between financial institutions and their corporate clients. Applications used within the Identrus global trust system include the online sharing of business proposal requests (RFPs), secure e-mail correspondence and e-payments.