NewsByte 2 August 2001

EMC Maps Out Next Step in Evolution of Leadership - Automated Information Storage

EMC Corporation today will outline the next major evolution for its second decade of technology and market leadership - automated information storage. At an annual gathering of more than 400 equity and industry analysts and journalists here, company executives will map out EMC's vision for delivering open, networked information storage solutions with increasingly automated management software that will create unprecedented simplicity and cost savings for organisations coping with massive volumes of data.

Mike Ruettgers, EMC Executive Chairman, said, "The most dramatic customer benefits from information storage lie just ahead, and EMC is paving the way. For the past decade EMC has brought continuous innovation and advancement to the storage, protection, sharing and management of information. Information storage is still very early in its evolution as an independent technology. We are expanding the role of information storage from a networked information repository to an active enabler of business. The next major step is automated information storage, which will enable organisations to set high-level IT policy and have all the needed changes to their information infrastructures happen almost automatically. EMC's goal is to help our customers do more with less, driving their costs down while driving their revenues up."