NewsByte 2 August 2001

New Microsoft .NET Enterprise Server Customer Lights Up Microsoft's Silicon Valley Speaker Series

Microsoft Unveils empowerNET's Revolutionary New .NET Energy Market Management and Delivery Solution

Today at the Microsoft Silicon Valley Speaker Series, Microsoft Corp. Group Manager Barry Goffe unveiled empowerNET, a new application service provider (ASP) delivering XML-based energy market management and delivery service solutions built on Microsoft® .NET Enterprise Servers. empowerNET's offerings will include energy delivery resource planning, load management, supply management and energy market information management.

The empowerNET solution utilises Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000, BizTalk™ Server 2000 and the Windows® 2000 operating system, and their integrated support for XML, to build a reliable infrastructure that enables energy utilities to capitalize on the cost-effective software services, and deliver improved customer service and reduce operational costs.