NewsByte 14 August 2001

IBM Merges WebSphere Portal Server and Lotus K-station Into Single Portal, Announces New Portal Partners

Demonstrates Ability to Deliver Web Services Via Portal Server

Continuing to widen its leadership in portal technology, IBM announced today a single portal platform by merging the power and collaborative functions of the Lotus K-station portal into the IBM WebSphere(R) Portal Server, IBM's strategic portal framework. Also, validating the marketplace's acceptance of IBM's portal server, 20 new participants in the IBM Portal Partner program were announced. WebSphere Portal Server exploits the power and scalability of the WebSphere Application Server, IBM's core technology for Web-based applications. The portal software enables companies to build state-of-the-art, next generation portals that offer users a personalised, secure, single point of interaction with people, content, applications and processes. WebSphere Portal Server also supports a wide variety of pervasive devices enabling users to interact with B2E, B2B, and B2C portals anytime, anywhere, using any device, wired or wireless.