NewsByte 1 August 2001

Compaq Achieves #1 RAS Ranking Says D. H. Brown

Beats IBM and Sun in Composite Cluster and Single System High Availability Study

Compaq Computer Corporation today announced that it has achieved the #1 ranking in composite Cluster and Single System High Availability RAS (reliability, availability, serviceability) in a recent report issued by D. H. Brown Associates, Inc.

In a two-part study conducted by D. H. Brown Associates, which looked at features and functions as well as cluster and disaster recovery capabilities, Compaq's overall composite score was 79.8 percent out of a possible 100 percent, followed by IBM at 76.2 percent and Sun at 73.6 percent.

Compaq's top ranking underscores its unique ability to supply solutions to customers requiring the highest levels of availability and scalability now and in the future.

Compaq technology used in the study was its Tru64™ UNIX operating system with TruCluster™ Server software on an AlphaServer™ GS320 hardware system, and Compaq StorageWorks™ (EMA12000).