Title and Subject: "New Era E-Business Infrastructure leaders Partner on Major European Wide Roadshow for Enterprise Users"
Categories: E-Business Infrastructure, Alliances, Industry Standard Systems
Date Published: 20 March 2001
Publication Type: Research Report
Pub Size: 8 Pages
Publication Sponsor: Unisys EMEA
Publication Abstract: EMC, Unisys, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, and Intel, five leading lights of the 'New Era' in e-business infrastructure, extend their partnerships and combine resources, for an unusual, integrated presentation of their e-business capabilities, via a 27 city, Europe-wide Roadshow. These champions of 'Industry Standard Systems' have brought together their unique contributions, to present enterprise IT users with a unified perspective of how best to address the challenges of e-business today. Here, we assess the strategic significance of this series of events, the partnership combination behind it, look at their offerings for enterprise IT users, and look at the meaning behind the marketing.
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