Title and Subject: "Windows 2000 Adoption - 14 Months On"
Categories: Operating Systems, Windows 2000, Market Experience
Date Published: 13 May 2001
Publication Type: Major White Paper
Pub Size: 40 Pages
Publication Sponsor: IBM EMEA Software
Publication Abstract: Microsoft's new Windows 2000 flagship operating system first arrived on 17 February 2000. The protracted and demanding development effort is said to have cost 2 billion and to have employed up to 5,000 developers at its peak. Over 2.5 million workstation and over 1 million server licenses have been reportedly sold since then (at the time of writing), and many successful deployments have been reported. However, Windows 2000 uptake has been slower than some observers expected. In this White Paper, specialist e-Infrastructure analyst company Software Strategies (which has focused intensively on the Microsoft enterprise platform for the past three years) digs deeply into the chronology, product experience, and evidence of adoption to date. We closely examine the reasons for, and benefits users have found from adoption, and consider the factors that have constrained the actual rate of deployment. This White Paper also provides a detailed review of the reasons for adopting Windows 2000, and reviews the experience of customers, partners, ISVs and service providers with the system to date. It also summarises the current availability of supporting hardware and software infrastructure, certified and available software applications, trained and skilled staff resources and services, and looks at the challenges enterprise users have experienced with their deployment. Many enterprise users in "bricks and mortar" enterprises are now accelerating their company's E-Business development, and need to make decisions on the platforms to be used. It is expected that this White Paper, sponsored by industry leader IBM Corporation, will help them make these key decisions effectively. Click White Paper Overview for fuller details.
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