Jeremy Sammes
Software Strategies Technical Director

Jeremy Sammes is Technical Director of Enterprise e-Infrastructure Analysis firm Software Strategies, set up in 1997. An experienced IT industry manager, consultant, and analyst, he specialises in e-Infrastructure areas, including software architectures, middleware, platforms, servers, storage, and operating systems.

Previously, with Software Strategies, over a two-year period he co-directed Butler Group's Enterprise NT Management Forum, a unique industry consortium of over 85 leading vendor and enterprise IT user firms concerned with NT and Windows 2000 strategy. Before that he was Operations Director for Dendrite UK, Ltd., a leading sales force automation software and solutions provider for the pharmaceuticals industry. Prior roles included Director of Advanced Technology, Director EMEA Product Management and Manager EMEA Customer Services with Texas Instruments Software, the then market leader in advanced enterprise applications development tools, methods and services. Earlier, he also held related executive roles with James Martin Associates - a global methods and services consultancy - and various technical management roles with Exxon Corporation in New Jersey, US.

Following a first degree and PhD at Imperial College, London University, his early business experience was in Operations Research and refinery/distribution modeling with Esso UK, before moving to the US-based parent Exxon Corporation.

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