Ian Bramley
Software Strategies Managing Director

Ian Bramley is Founder and Managing Director of Enterprise e-Infrastructure Analysis firm Software Strategies, set up in 1997. An experienced IT industry consultant and analyst, he specialises in e-Infrastructure areas, including software architectures, middleware, platforms, servers, storage, and operating systems.

Previously, he was director of Enterprise Platforms at Butler Group, where he set-up and led the Enterprise NT Management Forum, a unique industry consortium of over 85 leading vendor and enterprise IT user firms concerned with NT and Windows 2000, operated by Software Strategies. Bramley held other executive roles at international software products and services vendors, over a 27-year IT industry career, including: VP Global Marketing and EMEA Director of Marketing at Texas Instruments Software (a leader in Enterprise Application Development tools, methods, and services); EMEA Marketing Director, UK Marketing Director and subsidiary Managing Director for Information Builders (a leader in end-user 4GL and middleware software tools); and established AICorp. Ltd. (European distributor of the INTELLECT and KBMS software products for IBM mainframes.) He also spent 16 years in management roles at SIA Computer Services, a pioneer timesharing computer services firm. He entered the IT industry from an Operational Research/Management Sciences consulting, analysis, modelling, and computing background in industry, after taking a Physics Degree at Queen Mary College, London.

A frequent presenter at industry seminars and meetings, Ian is widely known for his knowledgeable and enthusiastic approach to industry issues, trends, and technologies. He recently authored the Major Report "Windows 2000 - A New Enterprise Platform" in April 2000 for Butler Group, and numerous other papers and reports. Customers have included: IBM; Unisys; Microsoft; EMC; Intel; Stratus Computer; Computer Associates; and BMC Software, etc.

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